Sput Nixie Tube Clocks

This site provides a complete open source design for a nixie tube clock. In this site you will find the schematic, layout, source code, specifications, bill of materials and an enclosure example for my clock design. I have worked on my nixie tube clock design for more than 2 years. The material provided is my design and is thus copyright; I provide it with the intention of sharing my enthusiasm and enjoyment of designing and building a nixie tube clock. Profit from this material is not permitted.

Tube Clocks by Nixie Team


  • Digits fade.
  • 12/24hr display mode (leading zero blanking in 12hr mode).
  • Boost topology switch mode power supply.
  • Real time clock with capacitor backup.
  • Configuration settings saved during power-down.
  • Firmware is boot upgradable.
  • RS232 compatible interface.
  • Simple IR remote control user interface.
  • Ambient light detection for auto brightness adjust.
  • 6-level brightness adjustment in both light and dark ambient (36 configurations).
  • Auto on/off with input for PIR motion sensor.
  • Dry contact relay output.
  • Temperature display.
  • Alarm with buzzer/relay activation.
  • 15 minute snooze
  • Momentary display of alarm set time.
  • Momentary display of firmware version.
  • Tubes are socketed for ease of replacement.